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Corrective Services

Manual Therapy

We specialize in manual therapy services that help improve how our body moves, performs, and relieves pain. This helps you recover faster, keep you injury free and get you back to doing what you love! Example Services provided: dry needling, cupping, soft tissue mobilization, active release therapy, adjustments and joint mobilizations.

Injury Prevention/Rehab

We value care that exceeds your standards. We provide 1 on 1 direct care that is tailored to meet your goals. We get you back to the game, keep you in the game, and improve your game. If you are currently unable to do what you love because of an injury or pain, struggle to be as active as you'd like, want to perform at a higher level or just want to continue to be able to do what you are doing now, we have you covered!

Mobility Program

Our Mobility programming is developed based off your specific needs and goals. Improving your mobility the correct way can improve your life in so many ways. It can ease your fears about how you are able to move and function, decrease your chances of injury, keep you in the activity you love and allow you to participate in life as much as you desire.

Movement Analysis

Here at Corrective Physical Therapy we devote our time to make sure we get you back to what you love doing. You cannot fix a problem by sticking a band aid on it, so we find the root cause of any dysfunction that is occuring. We optimize movement patterns by first analyzing how you are moving and where we are breaking down. We show you how to correct these patterns, reinforce these patterns and how to continue these patterns on your own. Examples of Movement Analysis: Running mechanics, walking mechanics, baseball and softball throwing patterns, golf swing mechanics, basketball shooting, and jumping mechanics.

CPT, In The Palm of Your Hand

A CPT Elite Membership is a holistic, affordable option to not only help you get healthy, but stay healthy—for life.
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